week in review: au revoir spring break

love notes
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 image from lonny magazine featuring upcoming book parisian chic (on order, of course!)
week in review
battled insane allergies = boo
1 long gym excursion
2 yoga classes
no school classes thanks to spring break
taught meditation + yoga classes
gave speech on creating a non-profit
1 mentoring session
launched tranquility project e-course: amazing group of ladies!
1 day of internship at n street village
tea at cafe green with former visiting tranquil space teacher
meeting with study group for 4.15 comps
began reading toward a psychology of awakening for paper due monday
hair cut + color
oodles of studio supply shopping (bonjour heaps of hair ties!)
new teacher interviews
set date for june 10 farm sanctuary + humane society event at tranquil space
added “living your yoga” lecture + yoga practice to on demand options
oodles of financial paperwork = not fun
packaged + shipped TranquiliT
tons of sleeping. allergies make me drowsy.
listened to “zen social media” podcast
put together spring tranquil space schedule puzzles
began spring cleaning: handbag
manager meetings
weekend wishes
productive comp exam study group
write paper for transpersonal theory class
inspiring teacher assistant team retreat
exploration of gettysburg, pa
bath time
browse new art journal book that just arrived
et toi? what’s on your wish list?
please send good speech thoughts tomorrow am. wish you were there.
bisous. x