week in review

love notes
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my pretty in pink book pile
darling daybook pic by jane hinchliffe spotted on instagram
snapping pics en route to tulsa last weekend
cleverly customized sign at tulsa wine bar


le pug eying the treats at the vet
les chats awaiting their turn at the vet
week in review
taught 1 class
took 2 classes
flew to and from oklahoma
time with family
bookstore browsing with family {resulted in three new books featured above}
rode to and from tulsa
savored every moment of garth brooks concert
got tickets to garth brooks in buffalo {i have a problem}
brunch and art at the gilcrease museum
worked on editorial calendar
coordinated printing of more daybooks
mani pedi
shipped orders
date night
penned week 2 love note
penned and shipped many thank-yous
4-legged family to vet
social work supervision
read the glitter plan and essentialism
weekend wish list
more decluttering
donate decluttering efforts
sign up for psychotherapy conference
finish the glitter plan and essentialism
prep monday’s podcast
relax fireside in the woods
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x