Week in Review {Pics + Links}

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Week in Review

As I hugged the final guest goodbye after Sunday night’s HTC10 event, Tim turned to me and said, “Good job! Let’s grab dinner.”

For weeks we’d prepped for the gathering—writing, editing, tech set up, goody bags, reminders, decor, music. Now it was time to shift gears.

Our tiny home had been rearranged to host 14 ladies, so before leaving for dinner I wanted to organize a few things: pull the kitchen table off our bed, put away the coat rack, fold up the chairs, and kitty-proof the food and libations. I knew I’d feel better not walking back into complete chaos.

During dinner I could feel the adrenaline still rushing through my veins. I was up at 4:15am Sunday morning because I couldn’t get back to sleep after Mookie woke me up. He likes to go in and out of the covers throughout the night and will hover over me until I lift them, so he can burrow underneath again. After the latest burrow, I was up.

So by 9pm, I was full of vegan cupcakes and a mini bottle of bubbly, sleep-deprived, and energetically taxed from hosting and attending to the day’s details. By 10pm, we were fast asleep and I closed my eyes with a big grin.

Despite the exhaustion, I was filled with gratitude for those who joined the celebration online and in person. Especially two who traveled from outside the DC area: one came from Portland, OR and one came from Philly. Taking the time to celebrate my firstborn book’s birthday with dear souls—many I’ve known for over a decade—was an absolute honor.

Certain events call for celebrations: engagements, births, weddings, holidays. Yet why wait for an event society deems worthy of celebrating.

Why not create your own celebration? Every day something deserves celebration.

Here are some ideas: Use your china every day. Sip bubbly just because. Set a fancy table even for a microwave meal. Buy fresh flowers. Decorate with succulents. Dance in your living room. Send a love note when it’s not someone’s birthday. Express daily gratitude by writing it down and putting the paper into a Mason jar to read at another time. Sit with your morning cuppa tea. Honor your day with a special evening ritual like journal writing or reading. Light a candle. Invite friends over to show off a new recipe.

As my new favorite quote by Annie Dillard says, “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” Why not spend them in celebration of all your micro-movements and in honor of the every day. Bisous. x

This week I practiced yoga, taught mindfulness, enjoyed a couple date nights, penned my December dreams, collaborated with clients, hosted HTC10, co-taught Business of Yoga for Teacher Training, studied, met with my social work supervisor {over cupcakes}, cuddled with my pets, hosted a mentoring session, tended fires, and soaked in the tub.

Pics in Review

  1. December dreams penned into my Daybook in pink {7 copies left!}
  2. My studying set up
  3. Follow SFO Airport’s therapy pig, LiLou {can you stand her toenails?}
  4. Jackson doing his thing
  5. Belle doing hers
  6. Gito the orangutan. Guess what my loved ones are getting for Christmas?!

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Weekend Wish List

Movie {Jackie} and brunch date with girlfriend
Swing by Politics & Prose Bookstore {members get 20% off this weekend}
Send writing piece to agent
Pen love notes
Handle online holiday shopping