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Week in Review

What a monumental week for women! No matter where one stands on the political spectrum, I’m sure we can agree that a female presidential nominee is, well, a big effing deal (as VP Biden would say). I watched the acceptance speech with tears in my eyes and I know I’m not alone.

Growing up in Oklahoma, I  saw no women in positions of power at our community church (beyond hosting potlucks), learned that women received the right to vote less than 100 years ago (huh?), heard women introduced as Mrs. Fred Smith, and was stunned to learn that women earn .70ish cents on the dollar (less for women of color). Clearly not an empowering start. Once exposed to women’s studies during my senior year of college, I was mesmerized and went on to earn a master’s in women’s studies when I landed in Washington, DC.

We’ve come a long way, baby. And I’m still giggling over this video of Bill Clinton and the balloons. Such joy and the background music is perfection!

This week I survived the heat wave by doing yoga, collaborating with clients, meeting with my social work supervisor, getting Belle her first tutu, taking Belle to the vet (she has surgery to remove a tumor next week), getting Daybook 5.0 requests to my designer, battling migraines, savoring a mani/pedi, hosting the Bella Grace giveaway (kudos, Shannon), releasing podcast #375 with me and Tim, releasing the Hip Tranquil Chick 10-year survey, hosting another doga video with Mookie, bribing Belle with carrots, interviewing two guests for upcoming podcasts, resting a lot, and ordering fall shoot samples from seamstress.

In preparation for this upcoming weekend and our finale for July, let’s take a moment to review July’s dreams and experiences. List your takeaways (moi: biking the Grand Canyon, flying with Mookie, seeing Garth—twice—in Vegas, hosting a Virtual Retreat, watching the first female presidential nominee acceptance speech, etc.). Pen your August dreams. What do you want to bring forth and feel next month?

I believe life is about accumulating experiences. What are your accumulation dreams and wishes? Bisous. x

Pics in Review

  1. Avocado toast
  2. Her first tutu
  3. Mookie + Belle napping
  4. Tim calls this my foreign policy tee
  5. Belle’s bling

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Weekend Wish List

Practice yoga
Get hair did
Family trip to dog beach
Reunite with Amtrak internship colleagues
Safe travels to Kripalu for Creative Writing Sampler
Settle in for six days of writing practice and study