Week{s} in Review

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Week{s} in Review

The sun has yet to rise and I can see a pretty half moon outside my window (or is it a streetlamp?!).

In a few hours I’m off to Costa Rica to lead a week-long retreat I’ve been hosting since 2002 and I woke up before the alarm with last-minute packing concerns: “Omg, you forgot a glue stick!,” “Did I pack enough washi tape?,” “What about ribbon for the gift bags?”

Clearly the big questions in life were plaguing me.

Before Tim and the pups drop me at Dulles, I wanted to pen a quick bon voyage. While away I’ll post pics on Instagram, release a podcast on making a transition, send a Love Note, and may share a blog post or two, so please join me on this voyage in spirit.

Wishing you a respite from the day-to-day in whatever form feels most appropriate. Bisous. x

Over the past two weeks I collaborated with clients, spent a long weekend in West Virginia, taught mindfulness and a Writing Lab at Tranquil Space, met a friend in Miami for a three-day mindfulness training with Jack Kornfield, prepped for Costa Rica retreat, coordinated the spring TranquiliT photo shoot {video}, had dinner with a friend, released a podcast, listened to eight memoir readers at Politics & Prose, savored rose macarons at Ladurée and yummy raw cuisine at Plant Food & Wine, walked the Miami boardwalk, read in a pet-friendly cafe for hours, met a long-time online friend in person over tea, submitted a speaker submission for an animal rights conference, enjoyed a vegan Valentine’s lunch with Tim at Fare Well, and practiced yoga.

Pics in Review

  1. Bookstore Love in Shepherdstown, WV
  2. Mookie hearts his green dinosaur
  3. Gold Buddha snow globe gift {thanks, Carol!}
  4. Creative space
  5. TranquiliT’s spring shoot {collection launches early March}
  6. Cozy night at Tranquil Space
  7. First stop in Miami: Ladurée
  8. Legs up the lounge chair
  9. Miami view
  10. Valentine’s Day vegan cupcake at Fare Well

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Weekend Wish List

Safe travels to Costa Rica
Settle in
Eat lots of papaya
Host inspiring start to retreat