May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it couldn’t be coming at a better time. We need to shine the light on our emotional health.

When the world feels like it’s spinning or those emotions are whirling, dig into those grounding practices that have helped over the years.

Think meditation, journaling, gardening, exercise, walking, yoga, connecting with loved ones, establishing routine, eating whole foods, gratitude, deep rest, nourishing entertainment—whatever is most helpful to you right now. Build on what’s worked in the past!

With the overwhelming influx of anxiety and depression being felt around the globe, my wish is to share a few tools that may help you and/or loved ones navigate this time. Bisous. x


Curbing Anxiety
WFH (Working from home)
Curbing Anxiety 2
Supporting Each Other
TDJ Brunch: Artist Dates at Home and Seated Yoga/Meditation
TDJ Brunch: Being Gentle and Staying Focused


You’ve Got This PDF


TDJ Brunch: Anxiety and WFH MP3

Additional Resources

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Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook
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Building Better Mental Health


If there’s anything you’d like more of or any way I can serve you better right now, please let me know.