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*twenty keys to a happy life*

i’m sure many of you have received this as it was passed around the internet numerous times over the past few years. i pulled it off my fridge this morning to share with you as a reminder on how to live a tranquil life.

1. compliment three people everyday.
2. watch a sunrise.
3. be the first to say “hello.”
4. live beneath your means.
5. treat everyone as you want to be treated.
6. never give up on anybody; miracles happen.
7. forget the joneses.
8. remember someone’s namae.
9. pray not for things, but for wisdom and courage.
10. be tough-minded, but tender hearted.
11. be kinder than you have to be.
12. don’t forget that a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.
13. keep your promises.
14. learn to show cheerfulness even when you don’t feel it.
15. remember that overnight success usually takes 15 years.
16. leave everything better than you found it.
17. remember that winners do what losers won’t do.
18. when you arrive at your job in the morning, let the first thing you say brighten someone’s day.
19. don’t rain on other people’s parades.
20. don’t waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them.

–author unkown