august galivants + circus dreams

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image courtesy of apartment therapy

over the next two weeks i’m finishing summer school, teaching a 3-hour art journaling workshop, hosting benefit for the animals, teaching at our first ever teacher training in arlington, setting up vintage/reclaimed goodies in tranquil space boutiques, hosting a trunk show and chair yoga extravaganza at the phillip’s collection plus the heaps of admin and big picture ideas we’re currently concocting at tranquil space, tranquil space foundation, TranquiliT, and tranquility du jour. whew!

ever since dear friend amanda hirsch tweeted about a dream to run away and live a bohemian lifestyle, i’ve been smitten. don’t get me wrong, i’m in love with my life. however, some days the circus appeals. sure i’d grow frustrated with the experience after a few days of freedom from my current daily to-dos plus those super tight outfits (and lord knows i wouldn’t be impressed with the treatment of the animals – that’s a whole separate blog post), but there is something beckoning an escape. probably has to do with the fact that i’ve been in school non-stop since last fall semester, but who’s counting?

sometimes we just have to shake things up and shaking things up in august i am indeed. below are my plans for august and labor day weekend. sir louis will be in tow for everything except disney leadership training (they’re dogists). my hope is to refill the well on many levels: from professional development to creative fulfillment.

never fear, you will be taken with me on all the experiences as i’ll be sharing tales, photos, and insights!

august 5-12 writing, yogaing, dreaming, vintage shopping in new york city
august 13 hOMe
august 14-19 learning heaps at disney leadership institute
august 20 hOMe
august 21-26 writing at le beau’s cabin
august 27 hOMe
august 28-september 2 teaching at kripalu
september 3-5 animal care conference at farm sanctuary
september 6 hOMe + back to school

anyone else dreaming of joining the circus? i think it’s that time of the year! bisous. x