bed in

love notes
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after a morning massage, i returned to bed and didn’t leave until i went to visit bonnard at the vet tonight. considering my past four birthdays had me in spain, mexico, montreal, and new york, my 34th was not your typical “celebration.” after my much needed massage, i spoke with the vet who informed me that bonnard was not doing better and she recommended surgery. in they went to remove the rubber band from his intestines. little booger has a bad habit and we’re going to do a much better job of hiding these from him.

so in protest of my need to do something special for my special day, i decided to take advantage of a day with no plans by vegetating with a “bed in.” what a treat. sure, lamest birthday ever, but i feel revitalized and ready for my three scheduled meetings on sunday, coupled with a bead show! (oh, and to top today’s party off, after the vet beau and i hit mcdonald’s for some fries and hot fudge sundaes)

a BIG thank you for your well wishes regarding chubby bonnard (who looks even larger with his shaved belly) and my birthday. i have a fun podcast to share with you tomorrow. unfortunately last night’s speech didn’t record because my recorder was low on juice. i hit “record” and when it was over the screen said “low battery.” ugh, technology.