bloom into april

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and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. – anais nin

bonjour april. during our retreat last weekend we spent a lot of time focusing on our intentions for spring. this quote by anais nin has been a favorite for years and felt appropriate to share this month as nature is in full bloom around us.

we’re through the first quarter of a new year: how does it feel? how are your intentions unraveling? what would you like to explore further? at tranquil space, we teach that finding your edge on the mat is that point of sensation – not pain, and not lack of feeling. life is similar. if you stay in our comfort zone, you lack feelings of sensation and fall into stagnation. if you step too far outside your comfort zone, you can experience pain. the trick is to find that balance of joyful, challenging sensation that ultimately leads us to full-fledged blossoming. what would that look like for you?

to push myself out of my oh-so-comfy comfort zone, i have signed up for the army 10-miler, taken up boxing (pink gloves, of course!), am starting a cleanse (gotta shed my organic gummy bear addiction), and signed up for a 10-week creative non-fiction class. what micromovements (small steps toward a larger goal) can you take this month to explore your spirit on a different level?

below is a list of ideas – some small, some large – to help you explore life outside of your comfort zone, gain inspiration, and find a newfound sense of blooming:

take up tango, go to an art gallery, take a mental health day, sign up for a language class, jump into a yoga 2 class, create a morning ritual, try knitting, write a book proposal, start a blog, bake bread, read a biography on someone you admire, start a book club, design a vision board, meditate for 10 minutes each day, launch a socially conscious business, switch to 100% wind-powered energy, compost, volunteer, adopt an animal, smile at someone on the metro, try an arm balancing pose, subscribe to yoga journal, forgive, write a screenplay, browse a bookstore for hours, let go of the past, move to a new city, try a new career, return to graduate school, form a support group, try art therapy, take a leadership intensive, schedule unscheduled time, doodle, explore aromatherapy, get a massage, indulge in a pedicure, wear red lipstick, take a staycation, write out your 5 year goals, journal write, send snail mail cards with tea bags inside to loved ones, write in colored pens, travel solo, take a road trip to a nearby winery, hike in the hills, pack a picnic, paint your walls, pray, design a dress, chant, set an intention each day.

let’s bloom!