bonjour from bed

love notes
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it appears that many are down for the count this week. 
tons of flu-like symptoms floating around and a general malaise. i’ve had an achy body, fever, and headache lately, but nothing terribly debilitating – just enough to send me to bed super duper early most nights. yet today when i woke up, i couldn’t move. alas, here’s a view from bed. around noon i got antsy and had to pull out the laptop. will head to the shower shortly and hope for an increase in energy from my organic lush products and hot water. interesting that so many people are battling something this week, don’t you think?
my diagnosis: we need spring. we’re ready for a rebirthing, a sense of freshness, newness, and yellow daffodils popping up from the barren earth. i’m no doctor, 
but this is my oh-so-“professional” opinion. agree? 
bisous from bed. x