bonjour from denver!

love notes
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i’m prepping for my 3-hour hip hips workshop tonight and delighted to be back in the gorgeous wild, wild west! as we flew in yesterday, i realized that it has been ten years since i’ve been in this amazing city. considering i took my first yoga class nearby (summit county), it’s unacceptable to have had such a delay in returning to one of my favorite parts of the country. the vibe here is so much more laid back than what i’m used to, but it’s a fun change of pace.

had trouble sleeping the night before last so i got up and hit the computer before the alarm went off at 6:45am. then we drove sweet louis to the puppy sitter (i’m already having separation anxiety), returned home and handled lots of loose ends before dashing off to the airport. the flight was smooth and i’d just picked up a fabulous book – small giants: companies that choose to be great instead of big – so i was thoroughly entertained and inspired. then we arrived at lisa‘s home (one of our first tranquil space teachers who recently relocated to colorado) to settle into our home away from home for the weekend. the evening ended with a lovely mexican meal out with friends from the local yoga community including the be present founders and om time founders – a lovely clan.

today began with a phenom class at core power, a phone interview, a fab italian lunch topped off with chocolate mousse, a trip to one of the other studios where lisa teachers, and a journey through the tattered cover book store (where i was delighted to find a copy of my book to sign AND fancy nancy’s new book!).

gotta run to put the finishing touches on tonight’s workshop. i hope each of you are having a fabulous start to your weekend. take a moment over the weekend for an artist’s date – a solo excursion that nurtures your creative self. it could be a bubble bath, a browse through an art gallery or book store, some alone time with your journal at an outdoor cafe, playtime with your sketch pad, a class on beading, painting your own pottery, or simply walking the aisles of a nearby craft store. get lost in the moment.

happy friday 13th!