cutest assistant ever

love notes
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my lovely assistant, christy, sent me this photo of her in poland for the tranquil space newsletter. i just had to share it. could she be any cuter?

on a whole other note, i leave for costa rica on saturday (my flight heads out at 7am) so i’m busily getting geared up for . . . stay seated . . . being offline for an ENTIRE week. yep, no cell or e-mail access – first time since my retreat to tobago in march 2006. never fear, two great podcasts will still get posted but the blog may be a little light (unless i can snag some random dial-up access somewhere). we have SUCH a fun group of women from all over the country and i’m brewing up all sorts of yoga + creative treats. can’t wait! beau is coming (only boy) and he refuses to do any creative play so sweet thing will be chillin’ in coffee fields instead.

had one of those days – you know, where nothing goes as planned and is filled with a bunch of tiny annoyances. i always think about the quotes by pema chodren (genius!) reminding us that our challenges are our teachers. some days i just don’t want to learn their lessons! alas, as she reminds us, they will continue to show up until we do learn them. patience is a virtue. i’m gonna sleep today off. ‘night.