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A newly added feature to the hip tranquil chick blog and podcast-dear hip tranquil chick! Send lifestyle questions to and hear the answer published from a hip tranquil chick viewpoint. Please pass along your burning questions regarding your practice of yoga and life on and off the yoga mat!

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Q: Dear hip tranquil chick,
I have tried journal writing numerous times only to have my efforts thwarted in less than a week. How do I stay on track?

A: Ahhh, this is a common dilemma for hip tranquil chicks everywhere. We know the benefit of starting a certain good “habit” but how to make it stick? Since it takes 28 days to create a new habit, the key is in consistency. What are you sure to do every day? Drink a soy chai latte in the morning, walk your dog, eat yogurt and granola for breakfast? Whatever you have a pattern of doing each day, explore ways to incorporate journal writing with it. For example, last fall I incorporated journal writing time with taking Louis to the dog park with a mug of decaf green tea (and cell phone) in hand. That way I got three important items off my list first thing in the morning while also being able to check e-mail and handle important calls. Also, be sure to make it fun and not a “should do.” We already have plenty of those in our lives. Let this be a new, fun way for you to explore yourself. Make journal writing a “date with self” in your Palm.