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Q: i’ve been going to a weekly yoga class as part of a 5-class intro to yoga series that i signed up for (tonight is week 4), and i really, really like it. the thing is, i can’t seem to get into practicing at home – somehow it’s just not the same, i don’t feel as flexible or good, and i end up giving up. i plan on continuing yoga classes at this studio after next week’s last class, and i’m wondering: is practicing yoga just the one time per week enough? i’m an out of shape coach potato who’s finally found something she’ll get up off the sofa for, so i’d like any information i can get.

A: sweets, i understand. a home practice is tricky– for a self-diagnosed coach potato AND the rest of the population. however, honor your efforts thus far. signing up for a 5-class intro to yoga IS a huge step and continuing yoga classes once a week is the way to develop yoga as a habit.

to get a jump-start on your home practice, carve out a sacred space by turning off your cell phone, lighting a candle, rolling out your yoga mat, and putting on your favorite yoga togs and chill tunes.

even though i’ve been practicing for a decade now, i still struggle with my home practice. even yesterday after arriving in whistler post a 15-hour travel day, i hit the mat. but to keep my practice strong, i put on a yoga class CD. otherwise, it would have been some forward folds, a few sun salutes, pigeon, and savasana. the CD kept me going through backbends, forearm stand, oodles of twisting, and more.

i highly recommend using CDs and/or DVDs to jump-start your home practice and to supplement your weekly studio practice. this will help you avoid the sun salute to warrior 2 back to your couch syndrome that is easy to fall into without a gentle nudge. i recently produced a fun new yoga CD with fabulous tunes catered to the girl-on-the-go to assist with this oh-so-common modern girl struggle.

congrats again on taking this great step to improve your couch-loving self!