desperately seeking tranquility

love notes
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the lovely hip and tranquil mallika took this photo of buddha sitting on our tea bar and i just had to share. the past 2 days have been super-busy so i feel a deep longing to be more buddha-like (and surround myself with organic herbal teas!). my poor toes are crying out for a pedi so i hope to start tomorrow’s long day with a bit of TLC for the tootsies. they need love, too!

happy june! can you believe we’re almost half way through 2008 already? time really does begin to speed up as we age. it’s shocking, actually. considering tranquility is always on my mind, i wanted to share some suggestions on ways to find it:

light scented candles, draw a hot bath, practice sun salutations, meditate, volunteer, rearrange your living room, organize your closets, sip champagne, read a book, burn incense, don a long necklace, bring bamboo stalks to your desk, don cat eyes with black eyeliner, study the yoga sutras, frame a favorite photo or postcard of art, go on a retreat, write out your goals, organize your day the night before, challenge yourself, find your edge, breathe deeply, say “thank you” often, live your life as an example, dab lavender oil on your wrists, indulge in a cupcake, congratulate someone, remember loved one’s birthdays, relish in being authentically you!