doing the duty

love notes
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fresh home from the joys of jury duty. i took my iBook, brand new 2007 planner pad, assorted colored felt pens, and the spark: igniting the creative fire that lives within us all to ensure i had plenty to keep me busy. my number was called, which jolted me from frolicking with felt pens, and off to the courtroom i went. before i was called up to chat with the judge and attorneys, we were all dismissed as they’d chosen those before me. back to the jury pool and we were released mid-afternoon.

leaving the courtroom is a good feeling because you know you’ve done your duty and are given two years off. although it may not be a perfect day, i made the most of it and got all sorts of appointments into my 2007 calendar. sometimes when life “summons” us for plans other than what we’d prefer to be doing, it can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. and there truly is something noble about jury duty.

i hope you are all taking good care of yourselves. tonight’s podcast is on self-care so i plan to pass along some helpful reminders to you on how to practice this great art. in the meantime, i’m going to bask in the joy of being off early and hop into the tub for a nice lavender-filled soak. we were up in nyc yesterday to see a show at radio city music hall so pulling in at 2am plus a tres challenging yoga class has left me in need of some self-care before dashing off to my final french class tonight. au revoir my love. savor those unexpected blessings.