early to bed, early to rise?

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anyone else out there have trouble going to bed early? i get soooo caught up in e-mailing, planning my next day, reading, and internet surfing that it is hard to pull away. however, last night i went to bed at 11 and tonight i plan to go to bed at 11:30.

i know we’re all different – some are morning people, some are night owls, and then there’s everything in between. during last night’s teleclass, one of the girls noted how she has started going to bed around 11 and getting up around 7 and that the shift has made a big difference in her life.

a couple of weeks ago i had a 7am meeting on a friday so my alarm went off at 6:20am. ugh. i don’t usually schedule meetings before 10:30am! well, i was amazed that i wasn’t tired all day and during the noon yoga class i was taking that day, i realized that i’d been up for 6 hours already. wow, big shift.

soooo, i’m trying to make the shift. i know it is supposed to be better for our natural rhythms so i’m willing to give it a try. any of you out there have a tale from the dark side? were you able to transform from night queen to rise-with-the-sun queen? or even rise-at-8am-queen? how’d you break the cycle? and, have you found the shift to be enhancing?