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Hello from a gorgeous vista in the Kripalu cafe!

The past three sessions with Dharma Mittra have been intoxicating. I adore his yoga – lots of deep crescent lunges and oodles of challenge (exhibit A: DVD cover) coupled with extreme devotion. During this morning’s session I was taking notes and wrote “All poses are an offering to your extreme self.” He repeated it later and said “All poses are an offering to your supreme self.” I giggled. Somehow my mind heard “extreme” and I know if I would have read it later in my journal without hearing him correcting the second time, I would have been confused. But, extreme works for me, too, in a funny way. Just yesterday I was journal writing about how much I adore women who live their flair fully – like Betsey Johnson, Madonna or SARK. Sometimes our mind hears one thing but translates another. I’ll surely have an internal chuckle at the beginning of my next practice when I think of offering my practice to my “extreme” self – heaps of flair and all. Namaste.