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need a little jolt of energy, try this on for a quick boost! nothing gets your prana flowing quite like sun salutations.

woke up with swollen lymph nodes and that not-so-fabulous feeling that seems to be going around. not feeling my sharpest but hoping to shake it nonetheless. who has time for such bugs? however, i must confess that the thought of holing up in a fluffy bed for awhile sounds incredibly decadent and tempting. thank goodness that cabin week is coming up. beau, BFF, her beau, louis the pug, and moi all head out to a rented cabin for some serious r and r. even though i request everyone set cabin goals, most are happy to just rest, eat, and sleep. i plan to do some hard core writing to bring tranquilista: a girl on the go’s guide to a mindfully extravagant life into existence!

p.s. another fun piece about living your passion that i found out about yesterday. this was in the washington times last week.