got manifesto?

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i was recently reminded of a mantra i came up with in 2003 – “edges pushed, boundaries held.” oddly enough, this reminder came to moi while reading facebook. a fellow friend mentioned my mantra and how it was resonating at this time. whoa, nothing like being taken back six years to a much-needed mantra for all times.

you may recall the hip tranquil chick manifesto. i haven’t created one yet for tranquilista, but should probably get on it since june is my editing month. a manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions. as i’ve shared before, j’adore lululemon’s manifesto. so spicy, so real, and touches on so many aspects of our lives.

ever put together a manifesto or mantra for your own life? why not explore the concept now? take a few deep breaths and ponder a phrase that could bring about transformation in your life. just tonight i was using “let go” during my yoga practice. simple, yet profound. sometimes i ask myself “what is the best use of my time at this moment?” — a mantra that brings me back to the present moment. comes in super-handy when i feel pulled in multiple directions.

for a manifesto, i still resonate fully with the one i created in 2006 for hip tranquil chick, but could probably spice it up a bit. would be nice to design one to carry in my planner pad (workshop THIS weekend at the showroom) or on my laptop desktop. while i ponder this update, i have to ask, “do you have a manifesto or mantra to share?” if so, tranquility du jour readers would LOVE to hear it! manifesto away . . .