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bon soir!

the past two days have been filled with information and exhaustion. today’s session was all-day and then we had an evening lecture. back to the b & b to oodles of e-mail and just settling in for bed. i’m learning a lot and struggling a lot. we’re doing a bit of experiential work and i live in my head so much that i struggle to hear what my body is telling me. sure i know when my heart center is heavy or tight but i use my head to solve problems, not my body. that is an interesting shift in being holistic!

we discussed having conscious conversations which i thought was very helpful –
1. “own” your motivation
2. focus on what you really want
3. name the issue and describe the situation
4. share feelings, consequences, and needs
5. inquire into the other’s views and experiences
6. brainstorm possible solutions and commit to actions

there is a lot of focus on personal responsibility (duh! tres important) and being a player rather than a victim. for example, a victim responds to:
1. what happened to you?
2. who wronged you?
3. how did they hurt you?
4. what should they do to make it right?
5. what are the consequences to you if they don’t change?

a player responds to:
1. what challenge did you face?
2. how did you choose to respond?
3. what are the consequences of your actions?
4. could you have done something more productive?
5. what can you learn?

i loved this quote shared by emerson: what you do speaks so loud, i can’t hear what you say.

powerful stuff, eh?