happy new year

love notes
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bonne année. watched the ball drop and crawled into bed early in anticipation of my 6:45am alarm. ouch! handled last minute must-dos, donned leopard print leggings, and headed to bus station. penned 30 thank yous, then listened to loud music (mainly kanye, eminem, tori, and adele) for the rest of the journey. landed near hotel and practice space, downed a beet + carrot juice, and got my 3-hour practice on while le beau launched tranquilologie. my body is shaking from the practice, but my heart is oh-so-happy. off to dinner with a dear friend who happens to be in town.
oh, check out my cOMplete digital offerings library carefully crafted by beloved beau, tim mooney. and a super duper BIG thanks to all of you who have purchased tranquilologie and been so excited about it. when i asked you what you wanted next, i heard a biz e-course (done!) and daybook o’ tranquility (done!). i’m thinking a tranquility du jour anthology may be next! thanks for your support, love, and sparkles. i’m honored. truly.
must confess, have a feeling it’s gonna be a good year, girls! et toi? bisous. x