holiday humdrum

love notes
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i’ve heard from multiple people that they are going through a hard time right now. does this resonate? the weather and the dark days, coupled with all the holiday hustle can contribute to these yucky feelings. when i don’t feel quite right, i can pinpoint it in my body. it’s always a queasy belly and i say to my beau, “i feel oogy.” and then i’m left to explore what caused this “ooginess.” (is that even a word?) if you, too, are among the many who are feeling a bit oogy right now, be sure to bathe yourself in self-care, self-compassion, and self-reflection.

life is a constant rollercoaster and filled with unexpected shifts. take good care of yourself girls and know that you can’t always be a rock star. sometimes you have to stay in bed with the covers pulled overhead and hibernate. then you can reemerge as your rock star self – well-rested! sending you good thoughts.