how to avoid being grumpy

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i got an e-mail during the big heat wave a couple weeks ago from a fellow yogini (and chica with my same birthday) asking moi to blog about how to stay tranquil and happy when the weather made her feel grumpy and irritated. her request feel off the radar during the cooler weather and popped back into my head today. my apologies, you know who you are!

here are a few suggestions on how i try to find sanity among the heat:

– drink oodles of water
– read a good book
– don fabulous sunglasses
– wear a flowy dress
– enjoy the complimentary hot yoga
– apply waterproof mascara
– surround yourself with people who make you laugh
– go for a swim
– stay locked up in AC with a yummy book (for an even better dose of tranquility, add in a yummy cupcake)
– don open-toe shoes and get a pedi
– drink more water
– eat a yummy spinach salad with strawberries
– focus on all you have to be grateful for
– call someone you love and thank them for being in your life
– meditate on a comfy cushion
– write it out in your journal