je ne sais quoi

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i am passionate about this beautiful language and determined to learn a bit more beyond my pathetic butchering of it. when in montreal last year for my birthday i would approach a local and ask, “parle vous anglais?” the poor souls would look at me with a big question mark. i quickly realized that my annunciation was way too off to be taken seriously so i’d simply say, “do you speak english?” that got WAY better results.

so, it’s time to do something about it beyond the purchase and skimming of entre nous: a woman’s guide to finding her inner french girl. a cute book, i must say, but i’m dying to dive into the culture. just checked online for a local class and found one where i can make 8 out of 10 classes if i do a small amount of finageling. soooo excited. sure, who needs another thing added to their plate but come on girls, we’re talking french here! the language where so many fabulous words evolved: fete, cafe, soiree, laissez-faire, oui, au contraire, au revoir, s’il vous plait, chic, boudoir.