missing my macbook air

love notes
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gearing up for tomorrow’s all-day hip and tranquil gala and so looking forward to seeing everyone. stuffed goody bags, tied bows around incense, and am putting the finishing touches on the event later tonight after teaching two classes. happy to see that we were featured on capitol b. thanks for the shout-out, barbara. two spots left in case you would like to join us!

tricky week technology-wise. pink treo isn’t interested in holding a charge more than a few hours and my macbook air decided it needed a new hard drive. oh, and said hard drive hasn’t arrived at the apple store despite the fact that the computer was to be ready yesterday or today at the latest. thus, i’m file-less, document-less, and e-mail history-less pre-wednesday. never fear, it’s all backed up, just awaiting a new hard drive to pour it all back into. yes, i’m practicing detachment, but realizing just how attached i am as i haul beau’s old, heavy powerbook around full of my e-mail wed-now. 
i got out this week’s online TranquiliT orders and will be somewhat MIA the next few days with full agendas: teacher training, new year’s gala, more teacher training, teaching classes, and teaching our liberation flow workshop on inauguration eve/MLK day. look forward to emerging mid-next week hopefully with a new hard drive and a more spacious schedule. still loving this word: spaciousness. doesn’t it sound divine? wishing you a spacious weekend and truly over-the-moon to see some of you in the morning!