my meal of choice: kale chips

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oui, i’ve been doing damage in the kitchen for the first time in years.
confession 1: i’m addicted to kale chips.
confession 2: they are SUPER easy.

here’s my novice how-to:
1. pick up a big bag of kale + preheat oven to 350.
2. throw 1/3 of it into a pan so the bottom is covered. remove heavy stalks to leave only leaves.
3. toss kale in a few cap fulls of oil.
4. add heaps of yummy seasoning (i use cajun seasoning, montreal steak seasoning –
anything i can get my hands on).
5. put on baking sheet. bake 15 minutes.
6. voila, heaven awaits.

my mouth is watering simply typing up this simple how-to!

here are a few fancier recipes for you foodies out there:
* steamy kitchen
* book of yum
* 365 days of kale

happy kale chip eating! x