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love notes
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yesterday began with unfortunate news about a break-in at our arlington studio. boo. beau and moi did our best to put out the fires from the west coast with help from our amazing team.

then we began our looonnnngg walk to powells to meet up with my first fabulous assistant (circa 2003) who just moved to portland. along the way i indulged in a soy chai latte and my belly felt it all day. apparently my belly no longer likes these, prefers herbal or green teas. alas, i must listen and say “au revoir” to that beloved drink for now.

sipped lovely lemongrass tea at powells while catching up with kat, then browsed for about 2 hours. here are 2 snapshots of a couple favorite sections: women in business and paris! kat and i proclaimed, “don’t let me buy another book” when we saw each other. texted “maybe 1 or 2” along the way. i walked out with 4, she walked out with 5. yes, we have a problem and powells is the ultimate in book-store browsing. captured on camera, my 4 must-haves: feminist activism, female leadership, biz, and paris.

next we met up with more tranquil space yoginis: the lovely arwa (a recent transplant) and michelle (here on vacay) for yoga at root and dining at a wine/cheese bar. that’s where i got the artisan oreo you see in the photo. thought that would help my belly and indeed it did! just what the doctor ordered.

the day ended with a divine mani and pedi (finally got to experience lincoln park after midnight – has sparkles) and dining at a fondue restaurant. beau’s cousin, sara (in photo), and i enjoyed a nightcap in my room watching late night tv.

loving my time in this amazing city. now off to get my yoga on while beau slumbers . . .