sassy sadhana teleclass tonight

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dearest hip tranquil chicks,

tonight is our sassy sadhana (spiritual practice) teleclass (class via phone) for one hour, we’ll chat about making a difference through our daily actions. we have women from all over the globe joining us at 8:30ET. if you’re interested, get all the scoop here.

i’m leaving friday (at 6am . . . gasp!) for a week-long writer’s spa in taos, new mexico. i’ll be leading the yoga at the retreat and am excited to dive into my proposal for tranquilology, along with finding some space – mentally and physically. i’ll definitely share tidbits of inspiration from the journey during the week.

i am excited to share that i’ve created a yoga + writing workshop that i’ll host on sunday, october 21 and a yoga + tranquiliTEAni (a mini tea bar experience) on sunday, november 18 at tranquil space. a fusion of multiple passions.