scenes from TS’ fête

love notes
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 gettin’ ready for the annual hollyday fête in tutu skirt (from tarjay), handmade “i heart TS” tube top, heaps o’ pearls, infinity scarf, and sequin beanie. x
last night was our annual tranquil space tranquiliTeam hollyday celebration and it’s truly one of my favorite gatherings of the year. it’s a joy to mingle off the mat, see the team filled with holiday cheer, and take a moment to celebrate the year together. below are a few pics from the festivities.

 all smiles with fellow teachers and team
 hollyday ready
 i won “the one thing too many” award. i never win awards. yay!
 beauts mary catherine + meg
 gorg pari, carol + tiffany
 donning pearls made by sweet carol
sweet directors siobhan + missy
 ed + carol arrive under the mistletoe chandelier
 stephen, meg (in DIY necklace) + moi
 mark + dibora warming fireside
 lauren + sara with bebes
  todd in collar stolen from his poodle. oui, he won “most flair” award.