seeking clarity

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ever find that the harder you search for it, the more elusive it becomes? clarity, that is. a consultant that i spoke with tonight encouraged me to take some time off to find the answers. it’s funny, i’m struggling with the basics like “what are my strengths?” – reading that popular book by marcus buckingham on discovering them – “what do i enjoy doing most?,” “what is the best use of my time and energy?” you know – basic things that should be answered easily. for some reason, i’m so immersed in my get up, check e-mail, go to the studio, handle to-dos, come home, go to bed, start all over, that i’m unable to hone in on bigger pictures. would time off allow me to figure these things out? what does time off really look like? what would i do? lord, i took good to great and ayn rand biography to ibizia for my 30th birthday and wondered why boys weren’t approaching me on the beach! geeeezzzz. apparently, i’m not even sure how to do time off. i share this with you in case you, too, are struggling with the basics and wondering where the answers are. maybe we have to stop searching so hard for them, drink a little vino, dance a little, do our yoga, and trust that the answers will come.

cheers (picture me lifting a wine glass containing lilac hill with a bow tied around the stem)!