simple pleasures

love notes
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a beloved colleague saw this darling parisian-inspired folders and gifted me with them. gleefully stuffing them full with ideas and plans for next year’s art + yoga retreat.
yesterday another collegaue passed along the pink clipboard/carrier that i featured in “things i love” and i’ve enjoyed organizing my heaps of paperwork (bills, bank statements, credit card statements, refinancing docs, ideas, feedback compilations, articles) into this oh-so-pink system. love!
yesterday afternoon i returned to my second semester of summer school to start “evaluation of social work programs.” super excited about this class (except for the math part = boo) as it will provide great fodder for my work within tranquil space foundation and, plus programming in general.
last night i picked up a huge bag of kale to make piles of kale chips and cottage cheese with chives to blend with cauliflower and olives (mama’s recipe). 
today i spend 4.5 hours with part of my management team reinventing our training systems.

sometimes it is the simplest tool and/or experience that brings a sprinkle of joy into the every day. wishing you sacred moments of simple pleasures. 
bisous. x