sunday, glorious sunday

love notes
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yesterday was a lovely day off. having beau and my dear pug nearby was so refreshing. this really is like being at camp and craving a letter from home – it’s always good to be reminded of my reality. i’ve turned in my teacher training workbook to my mentor to get graded so i don’t have all my notes in front of me to share. therefore, i’ll do the past few days from memory – not easy when you have an exhausted mind (i have one of those tired headaches – know what i mean?) and a sore body (first time i’ve gotten sore and it’s after my day off – odd). anyway, here goes:

friday was fabulous – we broke into two groups during the asana practice. once to watch the assists take place and the other to practice. all afternoon we broke down various poses and how to assist. this was my favorite part so far as i love learning how to give more powerful and potent assists. touching is soooo divine and so neglected these days so being intentional and loving with one’s touch, especially as a teacher, is a must-have. also, i tried something new in headstand and was able to hold it longer: draw elbows a bit more narrow than shoulders, squeeze hands together with a small opening between wrists and use the forearms more. this was a TREMENDOUS help to my 3-minute headstand (still need a breather at breath 25). then beau and pug came to pick me off to whisk me off at 11:30pm to a dog-friendly hotel – no pets allowed at omega.

saturday, oh saturday. slept in until 10ish and enjoyed galivanting around rhinebeck. such a cute town! i checked out a darling store called bead and purl. went in and snapped a photo of their leopard-print covered chairs at the big knitting table. too cute. will share once i upload photos. now everytime i see “bead” i get all excited. they only had small beads rather than the large gems i’m working with (watch for my creations coming soon to then back to omega as beau was heading to hang with his law school buddies in the city and i was in desperate need of a massage. next i hit the omega bookstore. yum! got an AMAZING book – Z.B.A. Zen of Business Administration: How Zen Practice Can Transform Your Work and Your Life by marc lesser. ok, i’m only at the beginning of it but so far, so good. then was excited to get online to handle pending e-mails but no access. wifi was down. ugh – i’m sure there is a lesson there. after drafting many, it finally kicked in and i pulled myself back to the room around 11 to unpack the day’s loot from the rhinebeck CVS (toothpaste, lavender eye pillow, detergent, etc.)

while i’m here, i’m also rereading bird by bird by anne lamott. i sneak in a page or two when we’re supposed to start at 1:45 and we don’t start until 1:47. thus, i will literally be reading bird by bird – one small page at a time. if you desire to write, this book is a must-have on your shelf!

today has been tough due to sheer exhaustion and soreness coupled with a pretty intensive day of lecturing on sanskrit (4 hours so far, 3 to go) and yoga philosophy (1.5-2 hours)! i’m hoping to be in better form tomorrow after some good rest.

oh, and here’s the report card from my pug’s visit with beau’s friends last night: “so louis peed on about 3 different things… hopped on tables and sofas (not allowed for their dog)… stole crackers off a plate… he was a basic nightmare. oh yeah, pooed on the floor too.” oops! any pup disciplining tips? yikes!

ok, must dash to eat my greens and beets. look forward to sharing more once my workbook is back.