the gift of a cupcake

love notes
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this week has been one interesting challenge after another. sometimes i think the universe is playing tricks. “how much more can she take?” “will this push her to her edge?” “how about this?” ah, our challenges ARE our biggest teachers, eh? after a complete reorg of the TranquiliT showroom until midnight, very little sleep, and a super-long day, i drove out to our arlington studio to teach tonight. i arrived early to set the stage for the yogis’ practice and get a little of my own yoga on. shortly thereafter a teacher, who has also had a tough week, showed up with a gift from god – the most ornate, gorgeous, yummy cupcake! truly, i was so touched as i devoured it before teaching. it made my week! then, god gave me more. i came home to a gift basket from my bamboo fabric supplier that contained organic gummy bears. life is now complete. they make ORGANIC gummy bears! sometimes the universe provides unexpected delights to break up life’s struggles. keep indulging in ’em with gratitude. happy weekend!