things that make me smile

love notes
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french pedicures
yummy yoga classes
sweet surprises
belated birthday gifts
thank you notes
quiet time
connection with friends
reading a good book
rain on a sunday afternoon
unexpectedly found free time
setting goals
crossing things off my to-do list
getting organized
finding a cute pink leopard print notebook at tarjay
eating fruit and cheese
playing with my pug
having date nights with my beau
seeing a good foreign film with subtitles
bookstore browsing
creating new designs
hosting small dinner parties
rearranging books, trinkets, and frames
taking my pug to the doggie bakery
finding anything in damask
taking naps in a cool, dark room
picking up my big, black cat
bamboo stalks
bamboo fabric
creating ambiance with lamps
learning something new
the smell of nag champa
soy chai lattes
writing snail mail letters
straw hat on a warm summer day
sipping wine mid-afternoon at a winery
anything that sparkles
e-mails or notes of appreciation
pink hair
big black sunglasses
black leggings
ballet flats
chic silver flip-flops
discovering a new eco-designer
teaching yoga
mentoring a new client
black nail polish
my pug’s cute face
beau’s compliments
the company of like-minded people
art museums filled with impressionist paintings
sweet text messages
stargazer lilies
brocade home products
idea books
journal writing
leading tranquil teens programs through tranquil space foundation
participating in mid-year planning sessions for our non-profit
eating cupcakes
sending care packages
creating gemstone necklaces
flowers in my hair
jasmine green tea
berry scones
lavender-infused anything
fresh mint
lemons in my h2o
fashion shows
tori amos concerts
that my father likes kitten and butterfly calendars (just like tweens)
my mother’s obsessions with all things crafty
my rockstar 95-year-old e-mailing gramma