tranquility tuesday

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a *BIG* merci beaucoup to all of you who joined moi for last night’s teleclass. i received my first petal of our work last night from the lovely julie and have posted it here. isn’t it inspiring? i LOVE seeing the art that comes out of our reflection on the new season.

i savored a half bed day on saturday. yum. then enjoyed a 7-hour artist date in georgetown: hair color/cut, LUSH shopping (heart my new candy fluff body powder – has sparkles), B+N bookstore browsing, reading human behavior theory at the cafe. total treat.

on sunday my alarm went off at 6am and off to nyc i went. hours of perusing the designers + agents show to see what was hot for spring and to find any new eco-must-haves for the tranquil space boutique. i met linda loudermilk! OMG. she’s petit, darling, and has a cool rocker vibe. basically credited for launching eco-fashion. was too shy to ask for a photo but was totally star struck. oh, and note the most decadant cupcake ever. this is half the reason i go to that show. these cupcakes rock! next i hailed a cab to union square (here’s a photo of moi in union square surrounded by artsy vendors) to hit my fave haunts: forever 21, H+M, and jivamukti yoga – love practicing with russell simmons. also found the most divine faux leopard print jacket for $35 at daffy’s (love me some discount stores). even wore it out. the sales clerk was like, “are you sure? it’s 80 degrees!” i get a little over zealous about my new deals! quick cab down to penn station to browse another H+M, picked up cheese fries, and read school books the whole bus ride home.

monday was all school, all day, then fun teleclass! got my first paper back and got a b+. boo. i don’t like those! apparently a lot of us neglected to define the terms we were discussing. boo again. savored another hour of reading human behavior theory while downing a pecan sandie and chamomile tea at firehook bakery. sugar somehow helps me grasp theory.

finally shot the photos for my new CD today (on my to-do list since late july) and hope to get that to the production company this week. it’s a fun flow with funky tunes. gearing up for a manager retreat this weekend, team retreat next weekend, launch of 500-hour teacher training next weekend, and our nonprofit’s annual gala. oh, AND my beautifully layed out manuscript arrived on saturday. i get one final look at it in real book format before it goes to the printer. ooh la la. now to plan the launch soiree!

reading this, do you wonder “how is this tranquility tuesday?” well . . . i want to start a weekly themed post and i’m thinking “tranquility tuesday” or thursday, for that matter, fits the bill. love me some alliteration. i want to offer oodles of tips for living a tranquility-filled life. anything you’re eager to learn more about with regard to tranquility? please let me know and i’ll implement it soon! xoxo