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backyard bubble popping

bonjour mes amis.

i’ve been sans internet since returning to dc, hence my lack of posting. nothing like no internet when you’re on a big writing deadline and communicating with your designer . . . constantly. ah, life has such a funny way of intervening at times.

the above picture was snapped sunday night while savoring dinner with dear friends in portland. i love the carefree nature of the shot. after making it through another deadline and the pressures associated with it, i’m delighted to return to a more carefree state and deeper breaths.

oh, and the best part? comcast just set me up with a new modem so i’m good to go. and i’m back in one time zone for 3.5 weeks! woo-hoo. let’s play in dc! i’m subbing classes at tranquil space and leading three workshops: art journal playshop, mindfulness, yoga + writing.

take a moment to savor a carefree experience. what would it be for you? an evening stroll. a step away from your computer to read an actual book. sipping iced tea while enjoying time with family. popping bubbles. whatever it is, steal a moment to feel carefree. it does the spirit good. bisous. x