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pics from macaron making class at la cuisine paris
before leaving paris i took a three-hour class at la cuisine paris to learn to make macarons. highly recommend! we learned to make various fillings, italian and french macarons {consensus: italian is easier}. above are pics from the experience. to say i came away with a grand appreciation for these little gems would be an understatement. they are finicky, somewhat unpredictable, and take an enormous amount of effort to bring into fruition! oh, and see the box in the lower right corner? well, i consumed all but three of my prized creations. exhibit A on why i’m doing a summer detox starting friday.
although my kitchen notes are tucked away safely back in dc, i found lots of online tutorials to spread the macaron love including this great step-by-step from annie’s eats. below is a video from entertaining with beth to help walk you through the process.
you may wonder why macaron-making falls under “well-being?” 
well, french pastries may be viewed as contributing to well-being, but it was really the process of taking the class that sums up well-being to me. getting outside the comfort zone, learning a new skill {you want me to whisk and fold this for how long?}, and creating is a grand source of well-being. 
so i ask, what do you want to bring to fruition this wednesday? may i recommend macarons? bisous. x