wednesday well-being

love notes
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pic snapped one june day in paris
my well-being theme the next few weeks is to continue the decluttering process {files, jewelry, books, and shoes remain} and dream up 2014
i’m signing up for writing courses such as a 10-week memoir writing at gotham in nyc where i’ll commute back and forth via bus in one day {and pretend i’m a new yorker}, shows such as the beloved ballet swan lake, art courses such as brene brown’s art journaling course on oprah {thanks mum}, and dance classes such as burlesque and ballet. i’m ready to feast on an array of inspiring delights next year. et toi
today i plan to cover my TranquiliT inventory armoire with post-its of projects and plans for 2014 broken out with four business {TranquiliT, tranquil space, tranquil space foundation, tranquility du jour} and one personal {including home, family, friends, health} headings. i’ll snap a pic of the process and share. 
i find that my well-being comes from a sense of organization and inspiration co-mingled with creating. oh, and a splash of pretty things like peonies, washi tape, and baker’s twine
as you prepare for a new year and reflect on where you are, ask yourself what you most need right now. give it to yourself and if you can’t at this moment, schedule a small chunk of time when you can post-hollydaze.

personally, i need to design a life i love sans grad school classes, internships, and deadlines not designed by me. it’s my first opportunity since returning to school in 1999 and finishing up the amazing tranquility tour.

i’m ready to dream. fly. create. and love. and that, my beloved, is well-being. bisous. x