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image courtesy of delivering happiness
today we’re leaving new york family time {including yummy home-cooked meals, clean laundry, and speedy internet} and heading to our fifth stop on tour, pittsburgh
when searching for an image of happiness for today’s post, i found this one and it felt like the perfect find. a camper, mention of travel, and strong message.
happiness is such a buzz word these days and there are many books and articles out there telling you how to get a dose of it.
if you were to rate your happiness on a scale of 0 {non-existent} to 10 {over the moon}, where would you fall today, at this moment? 
although we can’t live in a constant state of bliss, we can take tiny steps each day to enhance our happiness quotient. 
what will you do today to honor the way you travel through life to bring more happiness to you, those who cross your path, and the world-at-large? moi? i’ll give my all when sharing tranquility tools at today’s tranquility pop-up, do yoga, spend time in meditation, sip fragrant tea, nap, and pen a few thank you notes. bisous. x