wednesday well-being: play

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image + how-to courtesy of best friends for frosting
bonjour and welcome to hump day. 
as i prep to hop the bus for week 3 of memoir writing class {still no clue on topic} in nyc, i wanted to sprinkle a dose of playfulness your way. 
here at tranquility du jour i share heaps of ideas, lessons i’ve learned, tips on tranquility, and personal challenges (a.k.a. growth opportunities), so it felt necessary to insert a recipe for colorful DIY confetti stix. why? well, why not?
sometimes it’s fun to do something daring (hello sky diving), sign up for an experience outside the comfort zone (hello dance class), or try your hand at making jam, just because. 
we *must* give ourselves the time and space to balance work and productivity with play and being still. we are human beings, not human doings, after all. 
what can you do on this snowy wednesday to induce a sense of play. can you make a snow angel, invite someone to tea, adopt a kitten, sign up for a sewing class, sit still and watch the fire, or get lost in a good story book? 
your body and mind need rest and play time in order to stay tranquil. and maybe even a few confetti stix from time to time. bisous. x