wednesday well-being: take 10 minutes

love notes
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when i take a few minutes to pause, it makes a difference.

this week i’ve been making morning self-care more of a priority. otherwise i find myself getting grumpy, even resentful. it’s not pretty.

while savoring my 10 minutes of meditation this morning, my kitten proceeded to create stinky chaos in the litter box and my pug demanded to be elevated to my lap. all while i closed my eyes and connected to my breath.

life is like that. things transpire that are unexpected, confusing, and frustrating. sometimes even smelly. all we can control is our response to these situations.

by taking 10 minutes to sit and breathe, do some sun salutes, or soak in the tub, you’re hitting a reset button. this offers you the opportunity to put your best self forward. less grumpy, more kind.

i like that motto. bisous. x