wednesday well-being {+ yoga flow}

love notes
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i learn so much from my podcast interviewees. lots of juicy tidbits for making life more tranquil. my wish is that you do, too.
this week i interviewed amanda cook of vintage amanda {podcast forthcoming} and we talked paris, natural beauty, and whole foods. when i asked her what she did for tranquility, she referenced her morning ritual. she emphasized ritual over routine, noting that it made it sound less like a to-do. 
of course, sun salutations were part of her morning experience and is often part of mine. here is a pic snapped yesterday during my practice with a furry onlooker. for some reason the yoga mat wakes pets from deep slumber to observe or, more likely, plop down in the middle so i get to vinyasa over them. ommmmm.
as i reflect on a state of well-being today, i find the spaciousness lesson reoccurring. after all, it has been a theme for years. 
after hosting a wonderful group of ladies over the weekend, the past two days have been filled with teaching and being on. for this introvert, i’m finding the need to push the pause button, followed by the reset button.
this morning’s rain offered a chance to settle in for hours of writing and focusing on the craft. this is where i find tranquility these days. creating. writing. exploring. reflecting. dreaming. and in a cuppa green tea infused with agave nectar following some much-needed yoga flow. et toi? bisous. x