Year of Tranquility Sneak Peek

My new baby, Year of Tranquility: A Lifestyle Planner, is releasing THIS week on Amazon! Below is a sneak peek.

Year of Tranquility will be a portable softcover with perfect binding and size 8×10 with over 200 pages. Inside you’ll find lifestyle lists, pink dotted space to muse, time and money trackers, monthly moon phase prompts, 32 Tranquility Tools, 12 topics, 48 suggested practices, six plant-based recipes, full-color photography, an abundance of Savvy Sources that include books, apps, and Tranquility du Jour podcasts, and more.

And the cherry on top, everyone who orders a copy will receive fun bonuses: an online workshop, downloadable PDFs, and a playlist.

More details coming this week. Thanks for your support. I hope you’re as excited as I am to meet her! Bisous. x



  1. barbara says:

    The yearlong program was the best ever, I am glad to have been able to participate and contribute. ANOTHER GIFT of tranquility treasures from the one from DC’s epic #hiptranquilista THANK YOU FOR ALL OF IT and CONGRATULATIONS!

    • Kimberly Wilson says:

      Thank YOU for your continued engagement and enthusiasm. I so loved having you in the program and truly appreciate your support and contributions! x

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