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How to Juggle Three Dogs

Although this list is by no means exhaustive, here’s a few things I’ve learned along the way about juggling three dogs in a tiny city condo.

  • Buy food in bulk. They eat a lot!
  • Walk three pups at once only if there is simply no other option. Otherwise, it’s a tangled leash nightmare.
  • Have multiple dog beds to accommodate their changing moods. We have four strewn about our 600-square-foot space. Yes, four.
  • Keep water bowls filled with fresh water and, again, accommodate preferences. Belle Starr prefers hers with ice.
  • Dole out love as equally as possible even if you have favorites such as Gizmo. Guilty as charged.
  • Without being too helicoptery (you should see me at the dog park!), pay close attention to your pup’s gait, ears, skin, eyes, etc. to catch concerns asap. Mookie has seasonal allergies (I mean, of course he does), so we have to monitor his belly scratching to avoid inflammation. Then we get to rub his prescription mousse (seriously) or A+D ointment onto him.
  • To avoid your pup feeling left out, look for dog-friendly activities (check out Pigs, Pugs & Pints). Since we can’t leave Mookie alone due to his separation anxiety, we either daycare him for a quick movie date night or bring him for dining and tea sipping al fresco. This weekend we’re off to Cape May, staying at a dog-friendly hotel, and will be hauling all three to the beach and other dog-friendly locations. Yes, we choose our travels based on our furry kids.
  • Appreciate their differences. Sure, Belle’s obsessed with Tim and treats me like her nanny but LOVES me at meal time. As a former puppy mill mom, she’s super shy and has never been taken to daycare or boarding. Gizmo is naughty and needy. When he’s thirsty, he whines for us to bring him water or set him in front of his bowl. I think it’s adorable. Tim’s called Mookie his ankle bracelet since we adopted him nearly four years ago. His special needs require lots of planning and accommodating.
  • Save for those vet bills. With three rescues and two seniors, we’re at the vet regularly and on a first name basis with the oncologist and specialty surgeon.
  • Don’t let them fool you. When I fell in love with Gizmo on Instagram and decided we needed a third dog, we were told that there’s really no difference between two and three dogs. We’ve found that there’s a BIG difference. Although we wouldn’t change a thing, three IS one more than two and it isn’t always smooth. Okay, that’s a big understatement, but I think you get it!
  • Prepare to be covered in dog hair. And your furniture and floors, too. It’s worth it, promise!
  • Wear earplugs, they snore like old men.

Upcoming Podcast 450, Oh My!

This week we’ll be releasing podcast 450. My how the past 14 years of Tranquility du Jour have flown!

Funny, I used to have to explain the concept of a podcast to people. “It’s like an online radio show,” I’d proclaim. Now, they’re part of many peoples’ daily lives.

For 450, I thought it may be fun to share stories and lessons since our last milestone, 400, in July 2017. At the time of that podcast release, I did my best to imply normalcy despite the fact that my world was turning on its head with the upcoming sale of the studio.

Since this episode won’t release until mid-week, if you have something you’d like addressed, please let me know in the comments below or by emailing me. I love hearing from you!

Thanks for listening and here’s to 450 more! Bisous. x

Month in Review

March in Review

Looking through these photos, I was surprised to see that March was filled with such varied adventures. Isn’t that often the case when you review a larger chunk versus a few days? I’m like, “Wow, what a month!”

March included taking in Washington Ballet’s “Sleeping Beauty” performance, attending four days of a therapy conference, hosting the Online Book Launch Fete and Spring TDJ Live, playing in Colorado, taking a hand lettering class (why is it so hard?), collaborating with clients, taking 9 ballet classes, releasing 4 podcasts and 3 love notes, reading Lightly and Girl, Stop Apologizing, releasing the spring TranquiliT collection, hiring a consultant to deepen my client work, seeing Gretchen Rubin discuss her new book Outer Order, Inner Calm, singing along at a Krishna Das kirtan, creating three new TranquiliT videos, savoring a weekend in West Virginia, making Pigs & Pugs Project micro-grants, finding a charity for our camper, Miss Lillie, going on dozens of walks with the pups, chatting with my accountant in prep for taxes, releasing the TDJ Soiree tickets and finalizing all the details at Elizabeth’s.

On the plane back from Colorado I read through my March Dreams and was able to check nearly 70% of them off. Not too bad considering some are definitely more longer-term plans. Those have already been penned into April. And they may make it to May or beyond. It’s okay!

As I look at April’s overarching theme, I see a wish for shifts: to create more spaciousness in my schedule (less phone time) and in my home (more deep cleans/donations). It’s all a work in progress and taking the time monthly to pause, reflect, and dream helps keep me connected to the bigger picture.

If you haven’t done it yet, pull out your Year of Tranquility, planner, or journal and consider your April or spring dreams. I’m rooting for you! Bisous. x

April Dreams

Decrease daily phone usage to 1-2 hours
12 ballet classes
Strong showing at Pigs, Pugs & Pinot
Complete taxes
Finalize Daybook
Open up space at home
Finalize Spring/Summer TranquiliT Lookbook
Reorganize schedule for efficiency
Donate camper
Finish Veterinary Social Work module
Read two books
Release 2-4 podcasts and 2-4 Love Notes
Learn lots at continuing education classes

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