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Life Lately

What I’m reading

What I’m excited about

What I’m struggling with

  • Setting up a content calendar.
  • Organizing my week better based on energy levels.

What I’m working on

  • The Tranquility Salon workbook and online offering.
  • Fall TranquiliT collection.

What I’m wearing

Obsessed with the slip dress over the fleece perfect pant (I know, it’s 90 degrees, but they’re SO cozy).

What I’m loving

  • Iced Stash Moroccan Mint Green tea.
  • Fancy barrettes to hold my bangs as they grow out.
  • Leopard-print everything.
  • Blank spiral 4×6 journals.
  • Soft lacy bralettes.

What I’m eating

  • Brown rice with sesame seeds sprinkled on top.
  • Ezekiel toast with vegan butter and cheese.
  • Weekly box from Purple Carrot.

What I’m grateful for

  • Healthy pets.
  • Weighted blankets.
  • Pink pens.
  • Quiet nights at home.

Tranquilosophy: Pet Loss & Grief

Last night I facilitated a Pet Loss Support Group at Dupont Veterinary Clinic and wanted to share some of the material with you. Although I offered to host it two months ago, I felt nervous as the date approached. Would I do a good job? Would I hold it together considering I’m still mourning the loss of Louis four years later? Would the participants get what they needed? Would my veterinary social work training be enough material?

Arriving 20 minutes early, I settled into the room to review my notes, take deep breaths, and set a clock within view to monitor the group’s pace.

Once the participants arrived, I welcomed them, shared the agenda, set group guidelines, and gave a brief introduction into the challenge of pet loss. Namely, it’s often labeled “disenfranchised grief” as it’s minimized/not openly acknowledged by society, not publicly mourned or socially supported, and there’s no recognized way of grieving.

Also, I highlighted that the loss of a pet is so intense because they’re part of our socialization: daily schedules, cognitive stimulation, exercise, physical security, sense of purpose, identity, serve as reminders of previous relationships/identities, and come with no baggage (you know, we’re not still holding on to what they said when we were six).

Then the group introduced themselves and shared their stories. Afterwards we honed in on a few themes that tend to arise–guilt, feeling irritable, upset at those close to them who don’t get it or grieve differently, feeling tired, unable to focus at work, to get a new pet or not.

Next, I shared an assortment of coping strategies to help keep their continuing bond (find a way to stay connected): Write a letter. Tell a story. Write favorite memories. Create a scrapbook or online photo album. Draw a picture. Display their favorite toys, collars, or clips of hair or braided tails. Create a memory box or memory garden (tree or flowers). Donate some of pet’s items or $ to a shelter in pet’s memory. Hold a memorial service. Clay print their paws. And more!

To close, I went through William Warden’s Four Tasks of Mourning:

1. Accept the reality of the loss

2. Experience the pain of grief

3. Adjust to an environment in which the pet is missing

4. Keep a connection with the pet while also moving forward

Here’s another thoughtful piece on Warden’s work as it relates to pets.

Whew, heavy stuff. After our goodbyes, I walked home with a full heart and gratitude. Grateful for hearing their stories. Grateful for the love our furry beings give us and allow us to offer. Grateful that they found the experience helpful. Grateful for the opportunity to facilitate this work. And grateful for my three rescue pugs (and one rescue kitty) who give me so much.

If you or someone you know is dealing with the loss of a pet, here are some additional resources:

What an honor it is to love and be loved by these beautiful beings. And how painful it is when they leave us, often much too soon. Sending love to you and your furry friend. Bisous. x

June + July Review

June and July in Review

Wowza, it’s August! The past two months are a colorful blur and snippets from them are shown above. A sampling of highlights include hosting Yoga + the Animals, TDJ Soiree VIP meetup, the daylong TDJ Soiree, Mom for 10 days, TDJ Live, Tranquility du Jour Daybook launch fete, and Tranquility in Tuscany. Whew, for an introvert, that’s a BIG list!

In addition I celebrated my 46th birthday and ate tons of homemade pink vegan cupcakes, went to the Tranquil Space teacher training farewell, spent three days in Venice/seven days in Lucca/one day in Florence with Tim and my parents, completed a ballet boot camp and had a 55-second “performance,” released a few Tea with Kimberly videos, announced the upcoming 4-week Tranquility Salon, traveled to and from upstate New York to drop two pups at camp grandparents, released the Daybook, collaborated with beautiful clients, stuffed 1000 Pigs & Pugs Project goody bag inserts with the help of our board, attended Farm Sanctuary’s Pignic on July 4, donated micro-grants to pig sanctuaries and pug rescues, penned a variety of thank you notes and postcards from Italy, attended a 3-day Animal Rights conference, savored two rose tea lattes at Laduree, and went two stepping with a friend.

As I look ahead to August, I see spaciousness and regrouping. No events to host and a quieter calendar. I plan to spend time reading, returning to a writing project, and sipping as much iced mint green tea as possible. Wishing you a joyful launch into this brand new month. May it be filled with things that make you smile. Thanks for being here. Bisous. x

August Dreams

Release 2-3 Tea with Kimberly videos
Create content calendars
Prep TranquiliT’s fall collection
Announce Pigs & Pugs Project’s next event
Outline the new 12-week online course
Take 4-8 ballet and 4-8 yoga classes
Savor the Tony Bennett concert
Enjoy a birthday day trip with a friend
Prep for Paris [off to the City of Light August 29] Support DC VegFest
Return to work with my beloved writing coach
Read two books

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