Life Lately Glimmers

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Coined by psychotherapist Deb Dana, glimmers are those sparkly little moments in your day that have the power to boost your happiness and overall well-being.

You know, those small moments when our biology is in a place of connection or regulation cueing our nervous system to feel safe or calm.

Some of my glimmers include a cozy cup of matcha, a hot bath, time with a friend who really sees me, pug cuddles on the couch, a good book by candlelight, clothing that feels good on my skin, and watching leaves gently drift to the ground.

Embracing the concept of glimmers helps us savor the present, find joy in life’s simple pleasures, and cultivate a more positive perspective. By focusing on these tiny pockets of joy, you can help reduce stress and anxiety, offering a sense of tranquility and mindfulness.

Below you’ll find an assortment of my recent glimmers!

this new-to-me handmade vintage coat picked up for $40

this pretty rose matcha latte

my favorite writing books

peonies, pointe shoes, and a french rose candle

new faux fireplace for my office

annual nyc girls’ weekend ballet with jenn (we met at a 2007 jivamukti teacher training)

dance time with monica (we met in our first round of grad school circa 2003)

pretty dining experience at ladybird in nyc

santa pics for the pups