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Summer TDJ Live Video

Ready for mid-year check-in? Want to approach summer with intention? Me, too!

Learn eight tips for finding tranquility this summer, see my current savvy sources, enjoy a brief centering and seated yoga, get a peek inside the new Daybook, and receive encouragement to reflect and set intentions.

You’ll also receive a 20% off TranquiliT code and a 17-page Guidebook to help walk you through the process.

Download Sunday’s one-hour TDJ Live HERE.

Here’s a preview of the previously recorded online event and here’s what a few attendees had to say:

I arrived at work today with a bounce in my step!

I love your TDJLive so much. It always gives me positive inspirations.

Thank you so much for last night’s beautiful and inspiring TDJLive. It was so much fun to create and I was surprised at some of the new things I discovered! I hadn’t yet thought of a word for the year, but “bloom” resonated during TDJ Live and I think it’s fitting because it represents opening up to life.

Here’s a peek at your pretty photos from the experience!

May we continue to seek pockets of tranquility in our every day. Bisous. x

Tranquility du Jour #459: Living the Not So Big Life

This week’s episode is a newly-offered Best Of Tranquility du Jour 181 on Living the Not So Big Life. Sadly, many podcast players only go back 100 episodes, so we’re going to start rebroadcasting a few of my favorites and this is one is a MUST. I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved the book and its message!

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Tranquility du Jour #459: Living the Not So Big Life

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My Ballet Debut

The body says what words cannot. —Martha Graham

I spent last weekend at a Washington Ballet ballet boot camp and even my ribs are hurting. I used muscles that I didn’t even know existed. We stretched, practiced at the barre, and spent two of the eight hours working on the choreography from Act 1 of Don Quixote.

Here’s the 1-minute video Tim took of me flailing around in the pink skirt. Sweet thing arrived early and sat in the front row eager to capture this experience. For months he’s been asking, “When can I see you perform?” I couldn’t wait to have him in the “audience” of a couple dozen people.

As some of you know, I’ve been back to the barre since January 2018 and am slightly obsessed. Here’s another post from earlier this year.

Although I’m still a yoga devotee, I’m loving moving my body in a new way and omg is it challenging to learn and practice choreography at the barre, in the center, for informal showings such as this one.

The top photo shows my first teacher, Mrs. Harding, giving me a heart to heart about my new toe shoes. She sewed our costumes, drove us home from practice in her station wagon, created our annual recital’s storyline and choreography, hosted pool parties, and gave us lots of tough love (as shown here).

And, I’m forever grateful for her instilling in me the love of moving my body across the floor in a pink flowy skirt. Bisous. x