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Author: Kimberly Wilson

7-Day VegPledge

Join me (and thousands of others) by taking the 7-day VegPledge April 22-29. I love watching others reap the healthy benefits of eating more plants, saving animals, and helping the environment!

Pigs & Pugs Project is delighted to be a sponsor and to have our upcoming Pigs, Pugs, & Pinot as a featured event of VegWeek.

To help you get started, I have a few resources below. Remember, it’s practice, not perfection. Do what you can and see how it goes. You got this!

Thanks for considering the 7-day VegPledge and here’s to tasty, healthy meat-free meals! Bisous. x

How to Juggle Three Dogs

Although this list is by no means exhaustive, here’s a few things I’ve learned along the way about juggling three dogs in a tiny city condo.

  • Buy food in bulk. They eat a lot!
  • Walk three pups at once only if there is simply no other option. Otherwise, it’s a tangled leash nightmare.
  • Have multiple dog beds to accommodate their changing moods. We have four strewn about our 600-square-foot space. Yes, four.
  • Keep water bowls filled with fresh water and, again, accommodate preferences. Belle Starr prefers hers with ice.
  • Dole out love as equally as possible even if you have favorites such as Gizmo. Guilty as charged.
  • Without being too helicoptery (you should see me at the dog park!), pay close attention to your pup’s gait, ears, skin, eyes, etc. to catch concerns asap. Mookie has seasonal allergies (I mean, of course he does), so we have to monitor his belly scratching to avoid inflammation. Then we get to rub his prescription mousse (seriously) or A+D ointment onto him.
  • To avoid your pup feeling left out, look for dog-friendly activities (check out Pigs, Pugs & Pints). Since we can’t leave Mookie alone due to his separation anxiety, we either daycare him for a quick movie date night or bring him for dining and tea sipping al fresco. This weekend we’re off to Cape May, staying at a dog-friendly hotel, and will be hauling all three to the beach and other dog-friendly locations. Yes, we choose our travels based on our furry kids.
  • Appreciate their differences. Sure, Belle’s obsessed with Tim and treats me like her nanny but LOVES me at meal time. As a former puppy mill mom, she’s super shy and has never been taken to daycare or boarding. Gizmo is naughty and needy. When he’s thirsty, he whines for us to bring him water or set him in front of his bowl. I think it’s adorable. Tim’s called Mookie his ankle bracelet since we adopted him nearly four years ago. His special needs require lots of planning and accommodating.
  • Save for those vet bills. With three rescues and two seniors, we’re at the vet regularly and on a first name basis with the oncologist and specialty surgeon.
  • Don’t let them fool you. When I fell in love with Gizmo on Instagram and decided we needed a third dog, we were told that there’s really no difference between two and three dogs. We’ve found that there’s a BIG difference. Although we wouldn’t change a thing, three IS one more than two and it isn’t always smooth. Okay, that’s a big understatement, but I think you get it!
  • Prepare to be covered in dog hair. And your furniture and floors, too. It’s worth it, promise!
  • Wear earplugs, they snore like old men.

Sending Love to Paris

While on a call yesterday, my phone blew up with buzz, buzz, buzz. As we were saying goodbye, I looked down at my text messages and my heart sank. Notre Dame was on fire!?

I pulled up CNN and, along with much of the world, watched in horror as the flames overtook the roof and the spire tumbled.

Today, the four-year anniversary of losing Louis, has been filled with heaviness and melancholy. The damage to this architectural wonder also hurts. We all know how we become attached to our companion animals (hint: because they’re amazing). Yet, how do we become so attached to a place? This New York Times article sheds some light.

Loss and change remind us to savor. Those pug snores, the touristy shot, warm air on the skin, and the laugh of a loved one. Everything is impermanent. Sending love to Paris and you today. Bisous. x