What to Expect in 2020

I'm a list girl. I need to write everything down or my mind is in a constant swirl. It's how I sort things out. You too? Between you and me, if I don't have my water bottle, planner, journal, and pen with me at all times, I get a bit shaky. For the past month

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Dealing with Those Questions

You know the ones, they leave you feeling uncomfortable, possibly even violated. I get it, after years of dodging, "When are you getting married?" (I'm not!) or "When are you having kids?" (also not!), they're annoying and sometimes triggering. To help, I've pulled together 11 common questions, what may be meant by them, a better

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There is a connection between self-nurturing and self-respect. —Julia Cameron Self-care has gotten me through many challenging situations. From leaving a soul-sucking corporate job in my mid-20’s, to starting and growing a yoga studio, to writing six books, to selling Tranquil Space yoga studios to YogaWorks and starting a new chapter of life. My basic