Meet My New Book Cover

I'm over the moon to announce that this fall I'll start working on an updated and revised version of my second book from 2010, Tranquilista: Mastering the Art of Enlightened Work and Mindful Play, and the original cover illustrator, Anne Keenan Higgans, has designed this adorable new cover for us! I'll be tweaking the book

Meet My New Book Cover2023-12-10T10:02:08-05:00

Meet Tranquility Salon

While wandering the streets of Paris in search of Gertrude Stein’s apartment—a space where literary and art figures would meet to connect in what became known as her salon, I dreamed up the idea of hosting a salon TDJ style. Over the years, Tranquility Salon has served as a space for creative expression in person

Meet Tranquility Salon2023-07-13T22:09:43-04:00